How is human birth so special?

One should realise the infinite powers latent in oneself. It is these powers which have enabled mankind to invent the most wonderful kinds of machinery. Humans are, therefore, more valuable than the most precious things in the world. It is human beings who imparts value to things by the changes they make in them, as in the case of diamonds or a work of art. In the spiritual field, humans are enjoined at the very outset to know oneself.

One should not be a slave of the senses. Nor should one follow others like sheep. ‘Be a ship and not sheep.’ A ship serves to carry others and cross the Ocean. The one who pursues the spiritual path not only benefits himself but promotes the well-being of others.

Consider the body as a vessel, wisdom as a rope ‘and use the vessel to draw the nectar of Divinity from the well of spirituality. Not otherwise can immortality be attained.

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