9 pathways to Bakthi

1   Sravanam –  Listening to the glory of God. If not full time atleast for some time in a day.

2   Keerthanam  – Singing  the glory of God and praising him or do nama sankeertanam

3   Smaranam  – Thinking of God.  Recall his beautiful form , his stories and avatars.

4   Pada Sevanam – Worshipping the feet of Lord. Surrendering ourself in his feet or padam. Thiruvadi Saranam.

5   Archanam  –  By Telling God’s name and doing archana with flowers.

6   Vandanam – Offering our salutations to the Lord. Anjali is the best asthram for Vandanam. Joining the hands and doing salutations. ( Kai koopi Vanangudal )

7   Dasyam – Service to God.

8   Sakhyam – Friendship with God by obedience , loyalty and purity. God is inside everyone and everything. God lies in all jeevarasi.

9   Atma Nivedanam  – Total surrender to the Lord.  Surrendering  our ahankaram. No separate identity. Becomes one with the God.


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