PITA-PUTRA= FATHER AND SON – child parent relationship. He is the one who created  me like my parents. He is pitha and i am his putra.

RAKSHAKAN – RAKHSYA = PROTECTOR AND PROTECTED. Bhagawan is the protector and we are protected by him.

SESHI – SESHAN = MASTER-SERVANT –  This is very important as per Ramanuja. Bhagawan is the Seshi and I am the Seshan.   He is the master and I am his absolute Servant. This is  the relationship taken by all the azhwars.

BHARTA – BHARYA= HUSBAND AND WIFE  – Sriman Narayanan, Paramatma is husband and all are his wife. This relationship is not only for female and it is for male too. As per vaidheeka sampradaya all Jeevatma’s are female and only Paramatma is purushotaman. He is the only Purusha.

JNEYAM – JNEYAR = KNOWER AND KNOWN. Jeevatma is the Jneyar, the knower and paramatma is the known Jneya. HE is known by me.

SEVA-SVAMI= OWNED and OWNER, PROPERTY AND PROPRIETOR. He is the owner and I am the owned. He is our Master or our “Swami”. We are his belongings.

7.ADHARAM – ADHEYAM= BEARER AND BORNE, Bhagwan is ADHARAHAM.  The one who is bearing me and I am the born. If he leaves me I need to fall below only. All jeevatma is connected to one Paramatma.

8. SharIr – Atma BhAvam = Body and Soul. Sri Sri Ramanuja refers this relationship as ‘Sareera-atma sambandh’.

9. BHOKTA – BHOGYA= ENJOYER AND ENJOYED. HE is the enjoyer and i am enjoyed.  There has to be object of  his pleasure.

These are the 9 relationship between Jeevatma and Paramatma. To understand Paramatma, understanding these 9 relationships are inevitable.
The nine type of connections between Jeevatma and Paramatma is unbreakable.

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