True happiness

Know that happiness is beyond comfort and sorrow. Comfort and sorrow are just the manifestations of the human mind. The state which is beyond this pleasure and grief is truly happiness. You can realize this state when you listen to the voice within you. God is present within you and He truly speaks to you from within. To experience that inner voice, you must silence your mind. You must control the activity of the external senses. When the inner and outer organs are completely controlled, you will clearly hear the Lord, speaking to you, from within.


Health is the greatest blessing. Without it, you cannot do even the smallest work. Health is indispensable for your progress in material, moral, political, economic, artistic and spiritual fields. Food habits are of primary importance if health must be secured and maintained. ‘No restraint, no success’ is the axiom. Among the 8.4 million species of living beings, all except humans live on food as provided by Mother Nature. Human beings alone strive to make such food more palatable, more attractive to the senses of sight, touch and smell by boiling, frying, freezing and mixing, grinding and soaking. Natural Food is really beneficial. Catering to the cravings of the tongue, if you intake heavy food thrice or more a day, you will fall ill and lose the sprightliness of youth. Restraints, controls and limits must be applied to the tongue. Regular and limited intake a lone will enable you to discharge your duties.