The divine principle

Devotion these days appears more as a way of spending one’s time rather than as the royal road to the eternal mansion of the Divine. You need not make much effort to grow grass. But to raise a useful crop you have to labour hard. Likewise, it is no great achievement to experience the trivial and transient pleasures of mundane existence; it is like growing grass.

You must strive to cultivate the nectarous and lasting bliss of divine Love. Those who aspire for such love are not easy to find. All appear as devotees. But the one who has experienced the Divine Principle will not go after sensuous pleasures.

Who am I?

There is no harm in pursuing one’s worldly duties while having Self-realisation as the goal of life. Life is not meant for just living, it is a means to realize one’s true nature. Treating life as a righteous journey, you should devote at least a few minutes every day to thoughts on the true aims of life. Many hours in a day are wasted on selfish pursuits, but not even a few minutes are devoted to contemplation of God.All of you are instruments of the Divine. Discharge your duties leaving the result to God. Your role is to do your duty sincerely. Victory and defeat are in God’s hands. Do not even feel that you are the doer. You must think the Lord is giving me this opportunity and making me play this role in life.

There are numerous strings in your lute , 
Let me add my own amoung them,
Then when you smite your chords,
My heart will break its silence and
My heat will be one with your song.
Amidst your numberous stars let me place my own little lamp.

All that is concentration

An individual, who had a large family, sat down for meditation in his home. As one child or another was disturbing him, he locked himself in a room. But even now he was disturbed by frequent knocks on the door by someone or other. So he betook himself to a forest and began meditating under a tree. But here he was troubled by the droppings from the birds on the tree. Disgusted with the disturbances at home and in the forest he felt that the best thing was to end his existence. Unfortunately, he was unable to realise that God was present in everything and cultivate forbearance. He indeed exemplifies the devotee in whom Rajo guna is predominant. To be able to concentrate wherever one may be is the mark of the devotee with satwic quality. Such a devotee will be able to practise concentration whether in the midst of a crowd or alone. Any disturbance will be looked upon as coming f rom God and be accepted.

God is sacred, pure and wise

Wherever you see, whoever you see, there is nothing but Divinity that is present. Salute all beings, even if you think they are inferior to you. Remember, you are not saluting the individual but to the Divine within them. If you have one thousand pots filled with water, the reflection of the Sun shining above will be the same in all the pots. So too, the reflection of the Divine is present equally in all beings. Just as the reflection of Sun will depend upon what is present within the pot, what you see around you is a reflection, reaction and resound of your own actions. Whatever you do or say comes back to you. You see your own form in the mirror. If you hate others, you hate yourself. There is no use in blaming God for your own actions. God is without attributes, sacred, pure and wise. It is human ignorance to attribute qualities to God.


It is not sufficient if you study well, receive degrees, get good jobs and earn high salaries. Today people worship wealth. They earn a lot of money and as they amass it, they waste it by spending it on constructing tall buildings, buying cars and for other such selfish purposes. Wealth acquired through unfair means is also being spent off in similar unfair activities. Money comes today and goes tomorrow, moves from person to person. Your ancestors also earned a lot of money. But they used it for judicious, righteous and noble pursuits. They built shelters for passersby, dug wells to provide water and established educational institutions and health centers. You must spend hard earned money in righteous ways. Else, that money will cause a lot of tribulations in your family.

Money is only a means to an end not end by itself.