108 Siva Temples to get rid of all sins and attain bliss (Parihara sthalangal)

Below is the List of 108 Sivan Temples which is also known as parihara sthalangal to rectify all doshams or sins and attain bliss.

1)      Thiru kudanthai                – to get rid of sins in previous births

2)      Thiru chirappali                 – to get rid of troubles

3)      Thiru nallaru                       – to get rid of all miseries and troubles

4)      Thiru vidai marudhur      – to get rid of mental problems

5)      Thiruvadudhurai               – to gain wisdom

6)      Thiru maraikadu               – to do better in studies

7)      Thiru thillai                          – to attain salvation

8)      Thiru navallur                     – to get rid of fear of death

9)      Thiruvaroor                        – to get rid of curse upon the family

10)   Thirunagai(Nagapatinam)- to get rid of sarpa dhosham

11)   Thirukanchi(kanchipuram)- to attain eternal salvation

12)   Thiruvannamalai               – to get all your desires come true

13)   Thirunellika                         – to get rid of sins in your previous births

14)   Thiruchenkodu                                 – to attain happiness  in married life

15)   Thiruvanchiam                  – to get rid of fear of Lord Yeman

16)   Thirukarukavur                 – to protect the foetus

17)   VaitheeswaranTemple  – cures all disease

18)   Thiru kodikarai                  – to get rid of Brahma dhosham

19)   Thiru Kalambur                 – to obtain fortune

20)   Thiru kudavayil                  – to pray for the soul rest in peace

21)   Thiru sikkal (Sikkal)          – to obtain courage and valor

22)   Thiru senggattankudi     – to obtain success in all court cases and legal issues

23)   Thiru kandeeswaram     – incurable wounds gets cured

24)   Thirukarukkudi(maruthanallur) – to get rid of family worries

25)   Thiru karuvaeli                  – to get rid of poverty, and also for child birth

26)   Thiru valunthoor              – to get rid of all your sins in all the births

27)   Thiru chatthi mutram     – to obtain married life

28)   Thiru paraithurai(trichy)                – to get happiness for those who lost life due to arrogance and pride

29)   Thiru nedunkalam(trichy)- to get rid of endless miseries

30)   Thiru verumbur(trichy)  -happiness for those who were suffering with authorities

31)   Thiru painjili (trichy)        – to get rid of fear of death

32)   Thiru vaiyyaru                    – to get rid of Agni dhosham

33)   Thiru vaikavur                    – to do archanai with “vilvam” leaf and get rid of sins

34)   Thiru kanchanur               – to get rid of marriage dhoshams

35)   Thiru mangalakudi(suryan temple) – to get child birth

36)   Thiru manancheri             – to get married without any trouble

37)   Thiru millai vayil                – to get rid of Chandra dhosham

38)   Thiru venkadu                   – to get of all dhoshams committed in previous births, to excel in studies

39)   Thirunelveli                        – to get rid of Brahmin sins

40)   Thiru kuttralam                 – to obtain salvation

41)   Thiru valavai (Madurai) – those who reside in southern direction and those with star dhoshams

42)   Thiru paramkundram     – for those who do not know how and where to live

43)   Thiru vadanai                     – to get rid of great sins

44)   Thiru muruganpoondi    – to get rid of dhoshams for mentally retarded people

45)   Thiru padhiri puli              – to get rid of dhosham where the child is separated from the mother

46)   Thiruvakkarai                     – to get rid of all dhoshams done by black magic

47)   Thiruverkaadu                   – to get rid of sins done in business

48)   Thiru mayillapur                – to get rid of dhoshams done by 3 generations

49)   Thiruarasili (olinthiyam patu)- to get rid of dhoshams done due to lust

50)   Thiru valankadu                – to get rid of dhosham committed due to unnecessary scandals

51)   Thiruvettipuram(seiyyaru) – to attain wisdom

52)   Thirupanamkadu              – to get rid of family bondage

53)   Thiruvooral (thakolam)  – to get rid of sins caused due to torturing animals or human

54)   Thiru pachoor                    – to get rid of family worries

55)   Thiru vennai nallur           – to get rid of ancestoral dhoshams

56)   Thiruvathigai                      – to get good wife

57)   Thiruvandaar kovil           – to attain salvation

58)   Thirumoodhu Kundram (viruthachalam) – to get rid of great sins committed

59)   Thirukaruvoor(karur)     –  to get rid of sins done by harming cow

60)   Thirupandi (Kodumudi) – to get rid of pithru(ancestor) dhosham  and curses of dead

61)   Thirukodunkundram(pran malai) – to get rid of next birth

62)   Thirupuhaloor                   – to get rid of sins caused by disrespecting elders

63)   Thirukokarnam (Karnataka) – to get rid of deva dhosham

64)   Thiruthonipuram (sirkazhi) – to get rid of curse on the family

65)   Thiruvaitheeswarankovil – to get rid of all diseases and also angarahan dhosham

66)   Thirukaruppariyaloor      – to get rid of sins committed done to ones guru

67)   Thirupananthal                                 – to get rid of sins caused by misbehaving with others wife

68)   Thirupurambayam           – to get rid of fear of death

69)   Thiru neithanam               – to attain heaven

70)   Thiruvanaika kovil            – to get rid of fate

71)   Thiru vedthikudi               – to get rid of dhoshams done by egoistic people

72)   Thiruvalanchuli                  – to get rid of poverty

73)   Thiru nageswaram           – to get rid of curse of the snake(sarpa sabam)

74)   Thiru naheswara swamy – to get rid of navagraha dhosham

75)   Thiru nallam                       – to get rid of dhosham caused by abusing the Vedas

76)   Thiruthelicheri                   – to get rid of surya (sun) dhosham

77)   Thiruchemberin palli       – those who belong to Veerabadhran lineage should worship here

78)   Thiruthalachankadu        – to get rid ofdhosham caused by the curse of the slaves

79)   Thiruvanniyur                    – those who have lord Somaskandar as their family deity should worship

80)   Thiru nannalam                 – to get wisdom

81)   Thiru ramanatheechuram (thiru kannapuram)-wife whose activities are suspected by their

husband should worship here

82)   Thirumarukal                     – husband and wife to live happily

83)   Thiruchikkal                        – to get rid of enmity of partners

84)   Thirucherai                         – to live a happy married life

85)   Thirukonali (thirukuvalai) – to get rid of navagraha dhoshams

86)   Thiru vaimoor                    – those who have Sevvai (chevvai) dhosham should worship here

87)   Thirunellika                         – to excel in studies

88)   Thiru vendurai(vandurai) – to get rid of poverty

89)   Thiru kadikulam                                – to get rid of all problems

90)   Thiru alangudi                    – to get rid of puthra dhosham

91)   Kottaram                             – to obtain peace of mind

92)   Thittai                                   – to get rid of Chandra dhosham

93)   Pasupathi kovil                  – those who have Raghu(Rahu) dhosham should worship here

94)   Kottaiyoor                           – to get rid of all the sins

95)   Omampuliyoor                  – to get rid of Sani dhosham

96)   Tharumapuram                 – to get rid of sins committed by disrespecting devotees of Lord Siva

97)   Mayiladudhurai                                – to get rid of all sins

98)   Uthirakosa Mangai          – to get rid of ill fate

99)   Rameswaram                    – to get rid of Pithru dhosham

100)Kalaiyar Kovil                     – to get the benefit of this birth

101)Pennadam                         – to get rid of dhosham of previous births

102) Rajendrappattinam       – to get rid of sins from previous births

103) Avinasiyappar                  – to get rid of sins caused by 7 generations

104) Kuranganil muttam        – to obtain success in all you do

105) Bavani                                 – to get rid of pithru dhosham

106) Aachanpuram                  – to get desired married life

107) Aadudhurai                       – to get rid of Dthrishti dhosham

108) Sankaran Kovil                 – to get rid of Sarpa dhosham


Character is power

It is often declared that knowledge is power.  Character is power. Nothing can be more powerful on earth than character. Riches, scholarship, status, authority, etc. are all frail and flimsy before it. There is no dearth of books today; nor is there lack of gurus. Educational institutions spread knowledge everywhere. The Sun of Knowledge is showering His rays in plenty to all alike. But, one can hardly find those who have imbibed the nectarous wisdom thus offered and are dwelling in the ecstasy it can confer. The mountain range with lust, anger, hatred, envy and pride as the peaks, shuts out the splendor of the Sun. Charity, compassion, fortitude, sympathy, and sacrifice, arise from the higher levels of consciousness while opposite tendencies breed in the lower levels. Remember, a strong virtuous character cannot be earned from any book; it is earned only through intimate involvement with society.

Individual and Society

You must regard the prosperity and joy of others in the community as your own. Only then will India or any other country deserve prosperity and joy. Your happiness is bound up with the happiness of Society. Your physical, mental and intellectual strength and skills have to be dedicated, not merely to your own progress, but equally to the progress of Society. You must try to benefit yourself and the Society through such service. Use the strength, skills, and spirit of service for such work. A machine gets rusted if it is not put to use; the human machine too gets rusted if it is not put to constant meaningful work. The pulse is not the correct indicator of your being alive; work and activity is the evidence and the value of real living. Your role is to translate your strength into activity along the path of duty.

Find it!

All of you are pilgrims in the journey towards the city of liberation. Every life is but a stage in the journey, your body is a rest-house for a short stay during the pilgrimage. The mind is the caretaker in the place of our rest. Do not treat the Mind as a Master or Owner, but take care of it so that the house we are privileged to occupy is not damaged or polluted. We must treat the watchman politely and not destroy its interiors.

A restless mind is an important source of ill-health. Many are constantly afflicted with some source of worry or other, never free from anxiety. Why? Because they are identifying themselves with the body! One acquires their body, through their past activities and deeds, caused by the twin pulls of love and hate. You can escape from this cycle, if you realize the Oneness of the Divine being present in you and in everyone.

The principle of Love

Love  cannot be affected or modified by considerations of caste or creed or religion; it cannot be tarnished by envy, malice or hate. Preserve Love from being poisoned; endeavor to cultivate hatred-lessness and distinction-free feelings. The root of all religions, the substance of all scriptures, the rendezvous of all roads, the inspiration of all individuals is the Principle of Love . It is the firmest foundation for every human being’s mission of Life. It is the Light that ensures world peace and prosperity. Fill every word of yours with Love.

The word that emerges from your tongue should not stab like the knife, nor wound like an arrow, or hit like the hammer. It has to be a foundation of sweet nectar, a counsel of consoling spiritual wisdom, and a soft path of blossoms; it must shower peace and joy.